Founded in 2018 by mother-daughter team Patricia and Lauren, Pear is a speed dating service headquartered in Bergen County New Jersey. The team is elated to bring this type of service to the North Jersey area! Lauren, who is currently single, recently moved to Northern Bergen County after living nearly fourteen years in Manhattan. Wanting to get back into the dating scene, she remembered how much fun speed dating events were in years past in NYC and attended a few in NYC as there were none happening in Northern NJ.


Lauren says, "I realized quickly, though, that meeting men in NYC, who lived in NYC, was not really ideal for me now living in NJ." She turned to her mom, Pat, revisiting an old idea her mom had of launching a local speed dating service for other singles in the area. "I was so delighted that Lauren was ready to embark on this business," says Pat, "and so together we are launching Pear." The team figures for those seeking long-term relationships and marriage, Pat and Lauren are the perfect example of a sequential 'point A' and 'point B'.. Lauren being where event attendees are now, Pat being the goal to aim for - she found love forty-nine years ago and has been happily married for a celebrated forty-seven years.


Our message to all participants: Pear's mission is not only about long-term relationships and marriage. We know that is a goal of many singles out there and we're so happy you've chosen Pear to help you get there! We also want to focus on possibilities and fun. By coming to one of our events, you're getting yourself out there in a positive environment. At Pear events, you'll get to meet a multitude of people. Even if you don't "get peared", you'll engage in conversations you wouldn't have had sitting at home alone. You'll learn things about countries you've never been to, companies you've never worked for, hobbies you've never heard of and you'll get to share a lot about yourself with a lot of other people. YOU are interesting! Be proud of who you are! Something might just click! Speed dating can make a lot of people nervous.. Lauren knows that first-hand!


All you need to do, though, sit back, relax, be confident in yourself, be yourself and open yourself up to all possibilities. It's fun. It's destiny. It's serendipity. It's getting "peared". Let's do this.


Love ya,

Pat & Lauren

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